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"I found my way to Women's Care of Wisconsin when I was pregnant with my son. I was a young mom; 20 years old. I always felt very well taken care of and never judged. The nurses were so sweet. They always made light conversation while checking me in and asking questions about my baby; did I pick out a crib, have a baby shower, what my boyfriend (now husband!) thought, was he excited, etc. At one point in my pregnancy, I was on a fizzy lemonade kick. Right after drinking the fizzy lemonade I felt what I thought were hiccups. I was very concerned and called Women’s Care to see if it was good or bad. The nurse reassured me that everything was fine and not to be worried. I was afraid I was going to sound stupid but she never made me feel that way. The receptionist even remembered my name every time I came in! I thought that was so cool. My OB was Dr. Sree. I had nothing but great care from her as well. She was very informative with all of my options and supportive of my decisions. Women’s Care is a great place to go. The building is always very clean and welcoming. Anytime someone asks me who delivered my baby, I recommend Dr. Sree and tell them she is at Women’s Care of Wisconsin."
Brittany D.