Third Trimester

{ 28 - 40 weeks }
By now, you may be feeling uncomfortable. Just remember, your're reaching the homestretch and your body is working hard to help your baby fully develop. As a result, you will most likely be tired and have shortness of breath.

{ week 28 }
Your baby's brain is developing very quickly now. Remember to get plenty of nutrients to help in the last stages of growth. The eyes can open and close. The baby weighs close to 21/2 pounds and nears 14 inches.

{ week 36 }
Your baby's skin becomes less wrinkled because of the body fat being stored under the skin. Although there's not much room for moving around, you should still feel kicks and rolling. Your baby weighs around 6-7 pounds and is about 18-20 inches.

{ week 38-40 }
The liver and lungs are completing their growth. At 39 weeks, your baby is considered full term. He/she weighs between 6-9 pounds and is still between 18-20 inches long. In other words, "any day now, Mom!"

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