Kick Count – measuring your baby’s movement within one hour

After 28 weeks gestation, every day you should be aware of your baby moving. Six to eight fetal movements an hour is a reassuring sign of your baby’s well-being. Babies do sleep at 20 to 30 minutes intervals throughout the day and night. If you are concerned your baby is moving less than it should, you should do a "Kick Count". You are looking to count 6 to 8 movements in one hour. To do a Kick Count:

  • Begin by eating something sweet and drinking something cold.
  • Lay on your left side in an area you won’t be distracted.
  • When you feel the first movement, begin timing the hour.
  • If you feel greater than 7-8 movements in less than an hour, you are finished and can be reassured.
  • If you do not feel 6 movements in one hour, please call us at 920.729.7105 and be prepared to come in for an evaluation.

Click here for a free app to help you monitor fetal movements.

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