First Trimester

{ 0 - 13 weeks }
You may not look very pregnant during your first trimester, but you may notice some common signs of early pregnancy-the most obvious being a missed period. Other symptoms are nausea, tender breasts and/or nipples, bloating, fatigue and frequent trips to the bathroom.

{ week 3 }
The baby's brain, spinal cord and heart begin to develop. The digestive tract is also starting to form. The baby continues to grow in length.

{ week 6 }
Your baby's lungs begin to form. Arms, legs, hands and feet are growing. Fingers and toes appear. At week 6, your baby is about a 1/2 inch long.

{ week 12 }
Your baby's face has formed. The fingers can close to make a fist. At this stage, your baby weighs about 1 ounce and is about 31/2 inches long.

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