Bladder leakage is NOT a normal part of being a woman. Women's Care of Wisconsin is now offering InTone, a medical device used to treat your leakage in the comfort and privacy of your home.

What is InTone?
InTone is a medical device that treats your bladder leakage using the most effective, non-invasive strategies available. InTone combines proven technologies to treat stress, urge and mixed incontinence and is designed to be used in the comfort and privacy of your home.

What does InTone do?
InTone combines voice-guided pelvic floor exercises, visual biofeedback, and muscle stimulation to strengthen your pelvic floor and stop spasms of the bladder muscle. If you have a strong pelvic floor, you can do things such as cough, laugh, sneeze and run without leakage. Calming spasms of the bladder muscles allows you to avoid frequent trips to the bathroom and leakage associated with urgency. Over 30 years of research has proven that pelvic floor exercises, biofeedback and muscle stimulation are extremely effective treatments for stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence and only InTone combines them into a home-use device.

How does InTone work?
Muscles stimulation is customized by your clinician to ensure proper muscle activation, working in conjunction with voice-guided pelvic floor exercises using visual biofeedback to improve your performance.

How do I use InTone?
InTone voice-guides your entire 12 minute session, using the same directions that a therapist would use during a clinic visit. You will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by contracting as coached by the hand-held Control Unit in combination with the deep muscle stimulation provided by InTone.

Your session data is stored in the device after each completed session. Your clinician will review this data at follow-up visits and use it to guide your treatment and maximize your gains.

How often do I need to return for follow-up visits?
Your InTone will be customized by your clinician at the initial office visit. A follow-up will be scheduled two weeks later to assess your progress and adjust your stimulation level as needed.

Additional office visits are recommended at 30 day intervals based upon your specific diagnosis (14 weeks total for stress incontinence and 26 weeks for urge/mixed incontinence). Most patients continue with follow-ups every other month for the remainder of the year. Once maximum continence has been achieved, you will use InTone twice weekly to ensure no loss of functional gains.

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