Urinary incontinence simply means leaking urine. It can range from leaking just a few drops of urine, to completely emptying the bladder.

Fecal incontinence is the loss of normal control of your bowels. This condition leads to leakage of solid stool, liquid stool, mucus, or gas.

Whether it’s urinary or fecal, incontinence is a muscle control issue that women are twice as likely to have as men. Any type of unwanted loss is not normal and you don't have to live with it. It's important to remember, you're not alone... it can happen to anyone, of any age, and we're here to help!

Incontinence can have a significant effect on your quality of life. It's unpleasant and can be a distressing problem; often causing isolation, depression, and physiological issues. Please know... there is hope!

With appropriate treatment, most women with urinary or fecal incontinence can be cured or significantly improved and can return to a better quality of life.

Causes of urinary incontinence:

  • Diuretics
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Pregnancy and/or childbirth
  • Weakened pelvic muscles
  • Thinning and drying of the skin in the vagina or urethra, especially after menopause
  • Certain medications
  • Build-up of stool in the bowels
  • Not being able to move around
  • Problems such as diabetes or high calcium levels
  • Obesity

Causes of fecal incontinence:

  • Long-term constipation
  • Anatomical or neuromuscular problems
  • Injury to the anal muscles or nerves
  • Certain medications
  • Pelvic floor disorders
  • Improper diet
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke


Incontinence can be embarrassing, super annoying, and costly. But you don’t have to suffer in silence – there are many treatment options available and we are here for you!

Women's Care of Wisconsin is now offering bladder bulking or bladder botox for urinary incontinence. Botox is a prescription medicine that can be injected into the bladder muscle and used to treat overactive bladder symptoms such as a strong need to urinate right away (urgency), a strong need to urinate with leaking or wetting accidents, and urinating often (frequency). Botox for overactive bladder works by calming the nerves that trigger the overactive bladder muscle.

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