At Women's Care, we believe in providing you with timely information about your health. To support that, we are sharing your results with you through MyChart as soon as they are available. However, this means that you may see your results even before your provider has had a chance to view them.

Please be assured that your results will still be reviewed by your provider/nurse and you will still receive a follow-up call to discuss your results.

Access Your MyChart Account

It's important to remember:
  • all test results (including labs and imaging) will be reviewed by your provider
  • please allow 2 days to be contacted regarding your results and our recommendations
  • your provider may wait for all your results (tests/labs/imaging) before calling you
  • not all “abnormal” test results are significant

We are aware most patients will want to look up their results immediately. Please know, some results and/or information may be hard to understand. Other results may show a serious health issue. Rest assured, we analyze every result and we may wait until all results are back, and we have a plan in place, before contacting you.

While you now have earlier access to your medical records within MyChart, please know our team at Women's Care of Wisconsin will be working to continue our process of reviewing your results and reaching out to you directly to discuss the results, recommendations, and next steps.

Thank you for your patience!