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"I came to Women's Care for a ten-week ultrasound. I was expecting it to be the start of a wonderful and long-awaited journey. Unfortunately, it was just not in the cards. After some tests and waiting, I ended up miscarrying. Though this was a very sad and disappointing outcome of our first pregnancy, it did help solidify my choice to go to Women's Care of Wisconsin. Kay was absolutely wonderful! I could tell with every interaction that she cares what happens to me and was there for me every step of the way. I have never had this kind of personal care with a provider before. She herself called me with test results and never rushed me off of the phone when I had questions. I never once felt like an inconvenience to her. My husband and I will be trying to get pregnant again, and when we do, I KNOW I will be back to see Kay at Women's Care."
Kristen O.
"I began seeing Dr. Eberts with my first pregnancy. He helped me through a miscarriage, a successful pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy, and most recently a hysterectomy as a result of precancerous cells on my cervix. He has been amazing during each situation - compassionate, honest and knowledgeable! He is the best!"
Tracy H.
"I found my way to Women's Care of Wisconsin when I was pregnant with my son. I was a young mom; 20 years old. I always felt very well taken care of and never judged. The nurses were so sweet. They always made light conversation while checking me in and asking questions about my baby; did I pick out a crib, have a baby shower, what my boyfriend (now husband!) thought, was he excited, etc. At one point in my pregnancy, I was on a fizzy lemonade kick. Right after drinking the fizzy lemonade, I felt what I thought were hiccups. I was very concerned and called Women’s Care to see if it was good or bad. The nurse reassured me that everything was fine and not to be worried. I was afraid I was going to sound stupid but she never made me feel that way. The receptionist even remembered my name every time I came in! I thought that was so cool. Women’s Care is a great place to go. The building is always very clean and welcoming."
Brittany D.
"I recently was in the office and met with Becky (Midwife) and Amy (Medical Assistant). They were wonderful! This by far was one of the best doctor visits I have experienced. They went over my history, charts and a recent health assessment I had for our insurance. They took the time to review everything and explain what the numbers meant. I had some concerns regarding changes I have experienced - they had ideas and suggested additional lab work to see what was going on. Upon the results, I am now being treated for a thyroid issue and they suggested a follow-up in 4 weeks. Most doctors/PAs don't take the time they did to get to know me and my health. I appreciate the time and their concerns. I want to give them kudos for their bedside manner and their true passion for the patient! Thank you so much!!"
Michelle B.