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Swift Connects with Patient in the Valley

Feb. 7, 2024 2:42 pm

No, not that Swift. A different Swift. But a Swift nonetheless. And there's a Taylor in it too.

But not a Kelce. There is a reference to pro football, however.

This all started due to a Facebook post, one of those that immediately grabs your interest. It went like this:

With my first baby, I had some doctor changes, due to my previous doctor being injured. I was supposed to meet Swift before my induction date, but our baby had different plans and came a little early. The nurses called Swift when I was in labor and she agreed to come and deliver. I met her for the first time as I was delivering. Swift was sweet, kind, and ready to help me deliver my first baby. Fun fact: my nurse's name was Taylor!!

We had to know more. And Amanda Prodell was kind enough to share her story.

It's quite the tale . . .

. . . Ready for it?

This was about three years ago. My really good friend is a Swiftie. Yeah, to the point where she wrote Taylor Swift a letter inviting her to her wedding. Never came. But that's not my story. So, my husband and I struggled with fertility for quite some time, and we were seeing another provider in the Fox Valley area for fertility. In October 2019, we miscarried with our first one. I tried some more fertility treatments, and nothing was working. I just started a job at a different school, so I decided to give my body a break, start in the spring kind of thing. Well, COVID hit in March of 2020, and everything was shut down.

Literally a week after the COVID shutdown we conceived. My body was just able to do what it needed to do. Guess we just needed a little COVID in our lives to get pregnant.

In November of 2020, I had an insurance meeting at work and they said that even though your doctor might be in network, you had to make sure the hospital was in network too. Turned out my doctor had switched to a hospital that wasn't in network for me, and the out-of-pocket deductible we would have to pay wasn't going to happen.

I heard from different friends who said I should go to Women's Care and their place on Ballard was really close to where I work, so I called them and told them my situation and they asked who I'd like to see. I'm pretty easygoing, so I let them choose. They got me set up with a provider that I saw a couple of times until she cut her hand and was taken out of commission. I already had an induction date with her for December 26th, a Saturday. Turns out on call that weekend was Dr. Swift. I never met Dr. Swift and didn't really know anything about her, but I was game.

I was supposed to meet Swift on the Wednesday before the induction, but my little guy decided to come on that Monday. When the hospital staff asked me who my doctor was, I told them I really didn't have one but that Swift was supposed to do the induction on the 26th. They gave her a call; she came up at 12:45 on December 21st and that was my first time meeting her. 

Swift was there for probably 45 minutes; she delivered my son, Keegan, then we chit chatted, and then she was gone. She was so great and really came through for me after all the craziness with my whole pregnancy. It just so happened though my delivery my nurse's name was Taylor (and she was there for me too:)

Women's Care in general just stepped up to the plate and really made me comfortable with all the changes that were going on.

Then when I got pregnant with my second (we got pregnant naturally), I called Women's Care again, but by that time Swift had moved to her new location, which I probably could have made work, but coming to Appleton was just a lot easier. Told Women's Care my situation; again, I was asked who I wanted to see. Honestly, I was really open to anybody who was honest and upfront. And I got Dr. Reed.

So I met with Reed throughout my whole pregnancy, and it was a really good experience. She really cares for her patients. She checked in on me after delivery. I was really happy I got her because it was kind of iffy. I didn't want to be induced at all, even though I had an induction date with one of her co-workers right on the books. But I knew that this little guy was probably going to come earlier than his due date due to my son coming earlier. Reed delivered our second, Tatum, on December 22nd. So they're three years and a day apart.

Oh, the football part. With Keegan, our birthing room was 412. I was like, this is perfect, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. For Tatum, they put us in Room 410. My husband kind of wanted to be in 412 again, but I was thinking Brett Favre and Jordan Love, so we stuck with 410.







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