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Meet Jenny Taubel, Certified Nurse Midwife

Nov. 28, 2023 7:22 am

We are proud to welcome Jenny Taubel, CNM to Women's Care of Wisconsin. Jenny brings an extensive background and limitless positivity to our Appleton clinic, providing support and care to her patients during pregnancy, labor, and birth, as well as health services to women through all ages and stages of life. This quick Q & A will help you get to know Jenny. We're certain you'll think the world of her, just as we do.

Can you describe the journey that led you to becoming a certified nurse midwife?

I started off as a labor and delivery nurse right out of nursing school and I was working full time pm shifts back in the day when they were still eight-hour nursing shifts. After several years on a very busy large labor and delivery unit, I decided I really wanted something more and to try something new, so I started investigating master's degree nursing programs. I found a nurse midwife program at Marquette University. I applied and was accepted and graduated in their third class of nurse midwives.

What are your areas of expertise?

As a certified nurse midwife, I provide prenatal care and labor and delivery care for low risk, healthy, normal women. I also assist on C sections. I provide annual GYN exams including pap tests, STI screening and treatment, contraceptive counseling; I do insertions and removals of things like Nexplanon and IUDs as well.

What do you love most about your job as midwife?

What I love most about being a nurse midwife is not only delivering babies, of course, but also the long-lasting relationships that I've established with women over the years and who I talk to, to this day. And I love hearing that they've had a good experience with me, and they come back for their second, third or even fourth baby.

What can a patient expect from you when they come to see you?

What a patient can expect when they come see me is that I'm a very good listener. I want the patient to have the kind of quality care that I want for myself. I've been working in the healthcare field for a very long time and I know what good care is all about. That's the type of care that I want my patients to experience. So that means that they'll be listened to, understood, they'll be given all the information they're seeking and their options for care. And they'll never feel rushed. Ever.

Do you have any words of wisdom for patients from somebody who has done this for as long as you have done this?

I just want patients to know that they are not alone in whatever they're going through, whether it be a pregnancy concern or GYN concern. And I, myself have been a patient many, many times, and I've gone through some very scary, crazy medical conditions that I've overcome (survived actually). And that's made me stronger and more empathetic to patients that might be going through a tough time. I feel that I can really support them because of what I've gone through and share with them some of the things and I think that really helps them.

How about a little personal information?

I'm married and I have two adult daughters. And I have two dogs and a grand puppy. I love traveling whenever I can, especially going up north to Wisconsin lakes during the summer and renting kayaks or a boat and just having a lake vacation.

Anything we missed?

Just that I feel that being a nurse midwife is my calling. And I'm very lucky that I found that because I know not everybody does. But it's just that certain feeling you get when you just know you're doing the right thing in your life.

To schedule an appointment with Jenny, please call or text 920.729.7105.

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