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Midwives: A Special Kind of Care

Oct. 26, 2022 1:08 pm

Midwives are best known for their care of women during pregnancy and childbirth, to make that journey as pure and natural as possible. Midwifery care is often described as having a "high touch, low tech" approach to medical care. Midwives are experts in supporting women in normal, healthy childbirth and focus heavily on building relationships with women and their families by listening and providing information, guidance, and counseling in a shared decision-making process.

Midwives are experts in pregnancy and health education, a combination that perfectly matches the needs of most women. They maintain and monitor the health of the woman and baby before, during and beyond pregnancy.

Words from patients can give a sense of perspective to those considering the services of a midwife:

  • A midwife was with me for all of my pregnancies. I could call for literally anything and I was never afraid to ask questions, and I had plenty. It was the same feeling that you have with a good friend, where you're always comfortable.
  • My midwife was so knowledgeable and advocated for me in every way possible. She listened to every concern of mine, never interrupted, never took anything for granted.
  • I talked to the midwife about my husband a lot, and she got to know him and made the same connection with him as she did me. That was amazing and awesome.

For many women, having the same care provider that they saw during their entire pregnancy with them throughout their labor and delivery is very comforting.

"One of the reasons I became a midwife was because I really enjoyed the relationships and bonds I was able to form with my patients," said Kay Weina, Certified Nurse Midwife at Women's Care of Wisconsin. "To care for them throughout their pregnancy, to be there for the delivery, and then to see them for years to come and grow with them, it's really special."

What many women do not know is that midwives specialize in the health needs of women throughout life. Midwives listen to your concerns about health and sexuality, perform pap tests and breast exams, provide birth control methods and family planning, as well as a host of other services.

"As midwives, we can essentially provide for women's health across their lifespans," said Elise Gessler, Certified Nurse Midwife at Women's Care of Wisconsin. "We don't just do labor and birth. We take care of teenagers with contraception, we do STI testing, we do wellness exams, and we treat menopause."

If you're interested in seeing Kay (Neenah, Oshkosh) or Elise (Appleton), you can schedule your first appointment by calling or texting 920.729.7105. Learn more about them by clicking here.

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