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The Circle of Care: In Their Own Words

Sep. 29, 2022 3:33 pm

At Women's Care of Wisconsin, we empower women by involving them in all of their health care decisions. We strive to know our patients well, helping them achieve their personal goals and live their best lives. The doctors and midwives of Women's Care offer a well-rounded approach to OB/GYN care, one that meets both the physical and emotional needs of patients throughout every phase of life.

We call it our Circle of Care. It's not a slogan or catchphrase. For us, it's the foundation of the practice, delivering a premium experience that is completely built around you.

A good way to understand the significance of the Circle of Care and your part in it is to hear from the providers at Women's Care, in their own words.

David Austin Anderson MD, OB/GYN
"The Circle of Care is best represented by the ability to follow your patients through their journey and get to know them and their family. I love being a part of some of the greatest moments in my patients' lives."

Gretchen Augustine DO, OB/GYN
"The Circle of Care is our vision to take care of the whole patient on the whole journey, instead of just a piece of it."

Allison Brubaker MD, OB/GYN
"The Circle of Care means developing a rapport with patients. They keep coming back to you-for their pregnancy, afterwards for postpartum, later on for their GYN care, you see them when they're going through menopause, and then you start seeing their daughters and their granddaughters."

Eric Eberts MD, OB/GYN
"I care about how the teamwork happens. We're all partners here; we support one another. We have strengths, specialties, and the trust in each other to do the best for every patient that walks through our door, no matter the issue. Your patient, my patient. That's completing the Circle."

Valary Gass MD, OB/GYN
"I want my patients to feel that they were heard. There's no one single fit for everyone, so I educate them on treatment options so they can choose what's going to meet their goals and fit their lifestyles."

Elise Gessler CNM
"I want to learn more about my patients and spend more time with them, and being a midwife I can really get to know them and care for them through all aspects of their life. To me, that represents what the Circle of Care is all about."

Amanda Reed MD, OB/GYN
"At Women's Care of Wisconsin, I have support all around me, and that also supports our patients, who are taken care of every step of the way. We really have it together here, and I hear that from patients all the time."

Adriana Schaufelberger MD, OB/GYN
"I love being there for the patient. I get to see them through their life span, so many important moments. It's critical to have that connection."

Marissa Schloesser MD, OB/GYN
"We're following women through their life, through various journeys, from teenage years to reproductive years through menopause. There's so much joy in each of those journeys, but the transitions can be difficult or stressful for patients, who look to us to help guide them through these challenging moments. We may not always have the answer for them, but we can always help them through it and help them get to a place that they need to be."

Effie Siomos MD, OB/GYN
"Something that doesn't get emphasized enough in health care is teamwork. All of us at Women's Care understand the importance of each moment in the patient journey and use those as opportunities to elevate the experience."

Sara Swift MD, OB/GYN
"It's not just caring for women from their teenage years to their menopausal years, but it's also caring for a woman as a whole, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well."

Maria Vandenberg MD, OB/GYN
"There is no greater privilege than standing next to a woman as she transitions to adulthood, becomes a mom, and lives a healthy life. Building life-long relationships with my patients is an important part of my practice. I strive to help women make health care decisions that are the best options for them."

Kay Weina CNM
"It's your body and it's your baby, and it's your choice. These decisions are up to you and I'm just there to help you figure that out and to answer the questions that you might have."

Briana Williams DO, OB/GYN
"Developing relationships with patients and seeing them transition through multiple years of their life is the best part of my career."

Therese Yarroch MD, OB/GYN
"We go through some critical times with our patients, and we are there to make a difference."

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