They Said What?

July 10, 2024 12:03 pm

A good way to understand our Circle of Care-and your part in it-is to hear from our providers in their own words.

At Women's Care of Wisconsin, we empower women by involving them in all of their health care decisions. We strive to know our patients well, helping them achieve their personal goals and live their best lives. Our doctors, midwives, and nurse practitioners offer a well-rounded ...

Caring, Empathetic, Genuine: Meet Effie Siomos

June 27, 2024 11:44 am

Effie Siomos is a strong advocate for women taking steps to care for themselves.

"We need to do nice things for ourselves once in a while," Siomos said. "Make time to meet a friend for lunch. Take a walk, ride a bike, sign up for a mud run. See your doctor."
Wait, what?
"I know people don't think of going to the doctor as something nice you can do for yourself, but just do it," said the OB/GYN ...

Compassionate, Patient-Centered Care: Meet Allison Brubaker

June 6, 2024 10:49 am


A fertility specialist at Women's Care of Wisconsin, Dr. Allison Brubaker can swiftly identify a catalyst and inspiration for her interest in the field.

"My mom was told at one point she wouldn't be able to have children," said Brubaker. "I'm one of five she gave birth to."

After being put in such a position-basically being told there was little to no hope other than to visit an adoption ...

Gwen's Surrogacy Journey

May 30, 2024 7:17 am

Gwen & Kyle, far right, with their children Jacob, Abram, and Marcella. In the center, Sol and Robin, holding baby Gabriel.

"After having my three kids, I knew for sure I was done," Gwen said.

Well, not exactly.

"But I've always had really good pregnancies. Easy deliveries. Fast deliveries," she said. "I guess that's part of the reason I kept having kids."

Empathy is another.

"I have friends ...

Janelle's Journey

Apr. 17, 2024 9:55 am

"Nobody prepares you for the thief miscarriage is. I feel if I can share my story, it might help somebody else from suffering alone, because they're not alone."

Janelle took a deep breath, paused, and then apologized.

"I'm sorry if I cry."

And then she began:

It was my first pregnancy, June of 2021. We had our first appointment. I felt great. They said everything looked great. Go ahead, tell ...

Protecting Yourself from STIs

Apr. 10, 2024 10:31 am

With the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) on the rise, we want to make sure every person in our Circle of Care has the information they need to live a safe and healthy life. April is STI Awareness Month, so we're breaking down the most effective ways to prevent contracting an STI and the symptoms that require a prompt visit to your OB/GYN.

What are STIs?
Sexually transmitted ...

Meet Gretchen Augustine DO, Women's Care of WI

Apr. 3, 2024 8:59 am

"Pretty much every visit I have with a patient starts the same way," said Gretchen Augustine. "I ask them to tell me in their own words, in their own time, why they are here."

Perhaps that's why the Women's Care of Wisconsin OB/GYN develops such a strong connection with them.

"Those first minutes in a first appointment are crucial," said Augustine. "My patients know their bodies better than ...

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

Mar. 11, 2024 6:45 pm

Are you doubling over in pain during your period? Do you have cramps you just can't seem to shake throughout the month? For 1 in 10 women, these killer cramps are a symptom of endometriosis. Although endometriosis affects 190 million women worldwide, many go undiagnosed. March is Endometriosis Awareness Month and the perfect time to educate about this painful, chronic disease. Here's what you ...

OB Emergency Dept/Hospitalist Program Debuts

Mar. 6, 2024 12:01 pm

Last month, ThedaCare announced the opening of their new Obstetrical Emergency Department (OB-ED) and Hospitalist Program. Providing specialized care to expectant mothers, babies and families, the new program is part of the update to the Theda Clark Peters Family Birth Center through the $100M investment to modernize the Neenah campus. The addition of these hospital-based women's services can ...

Meet Pa Kou Thao, Nurse Practitioner

Mar. 6, 2024 7:08 am

You don't question an epiphany. Such a revelatory moment can only be absorbed, followed.

Nonetheless, Pa Kou Thao did question the timing of hers.

"I was a year from graduating with my business degree when I got to be part of my nephew's birth," said the newest provider at Women's Care of Wisconsin. "Two weeks before the semester started and I was like, "Yeah, I don't think this is what I ...

Incontinence: More Common Than You Think

Feb. 14, 2024 3:11 pm

Did you know that 50% of women have incontinence at some point in their life? Here's what you can do to take control.

Incontinence is the loss of urine in an uncontrollable fashion. There are many reasons as to why people have it. Some of them are very easy to treat successfully and are easily cured, and some of them are very challenging to cure. But we can usually get significant improvement ...

Swift Connects with Patient in the Valley

Feb. 7, 2024 2:42 pm

No, not that Swift. A different Swift. But a Swift nonetheless. And there's a Taylor in it too.

But not a Kelce. There is a reference to pro football, however.

This all started due to a Facebook post, one of those that immediately grabs your interest. It went like this:

With my first baby, I had some doctor changes, due to my previous doctor being injured. I was supposed to meet Swift before ...

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding: Know the Facts

Jan. 25, 2024 1:55 pm

What is a normal menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle begins with the first day of bleeding of one period and ends with the first day of the next period. In most women, this cycle lasts about 28 days. Cycles that are shorter or longer by up to 7 days are normal.

What is abnormal uterine bleeding?

Bleeding in any of the following situations:

  • Bleeding between periods
  • Bleeding after sex
  • Bleeding ...

Rolling with Life: Michelle's Fertility Journey

Jan. 17, 2024 12:59 pm

Michelle's story begins like this: "It was a very tough and long journey."

And ends with, "I don't know how I could have gotten any luckier."

Really sets you up for the middle, doesn't it? So here's Michelle telling her own powerful tale, a roller coaster ride of emotions on the journey to create a family:

"It was a very tough and long journey. I'm on the older end; I turn 40 this year. We got ...

When Should My Child Have a First Gynecologist Visit?

Dec. 6, 2023 10:45 am

For many young people with a uterus, the thought of seeing a gynecologist for the first time can feel scary or even embarrassing, but this should be a time when they feel comfortable and able to ask questions about development and body changes. We talked with Dr. Valary Gass of Women's Care of Wisconsin to provide you with the information you need to help your child feel more positive and ...

Meet Jenny Taubel, Certified Nurse Midwife

Nov. 28, 2023 7:22 am

We are proud to welcome Jenny Taubel, CNM to Women's Care of Wisconsin. Jenny brings an extensive background and limitless positivity to our Appleton clinic, providing support and care to her patients during pregnancy, labor, and birth, as well as health services to women through all ages and stages of life. This quick Q & A will help you get to know Jenny. We're certain you'll think the ...

Patient-Controlled Nitrous Oxide: What's It All About?

Nov. 13, 2023 9:17 am

At Women's Care, we believe in providing our patients with options so we can develop a health plan that meets both their physical and emotional needs. That means having the most advanced techniques, which is why we're happy to offer patient-controlled nitrous oxide to assist with pain relief and anxiety during gynecological procedures.

"We have a lot of women who are now choosing to use ...

Achieving Your Ideal Birth (X3): One Mother's Story

Nov. 6, 2023 8:54 pm

Author's Note 1: Natalie had reservations about sharing her journey as first submitted. While our views of the finished product differed, we are in complete agreement about whose editorial vision is most important.

She is adamant this piece should reflect that she's a person speaking honestly and candidly about her own individual experience, insisting that in no way, shape or form should it ...

An Important Time to Raise Awareness

Nov. 1, 2023 8:38 am

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and vulnerable times of a woman's life. Most of us have thought about pregnancy and how our pregnancy would go long before we were actually pregnant. Most of the time, everything goes just right. However, almost one in ten women deliver preterm (defined as less than 37 weeks). These babies miss out on the important growth and development that happens in ...

Nikki's Journey

Oct. 18, 2023 6:37 am

"I was so blessed to have the twins," said Nikki Riehl.

Still, when you have a toddler and hear that you have twins on the way, it's an attention-getter.

"I'll admit there was some worry going through my head," said Riehl.

Once the impact of the news was processed, Riehl's focus shifted immediately to the health of her babies, as a twin pregnancy can mean an increased chance of health ...

Chrissy's Journey

Sep. 20, 2023 11:50 am

After several years of marriage, Chrissy O'Connell and her husband Patrick decided it was time to start a family.

"We were trying and it just wasn't happening," she said. "I went to see Dr. Reed to get tested; the results revealed I had poor egg quality and low egg quantity."

That begs the question of how O'Connell came to meet the provider who would be with her on her fertility journey.

"As a ...

Nicole's Journey

Sep. 13, 2023 3:04 pm

"Surprises aren't my thing," Nicole West said.

Reflecting on her first pregnancy, well, that's just what she got.

"I wasn't ready for the pain I felt," West said. "I was young, unprepared, and didn't know what to expect from the experience. I didn't know I had options."

But she knew she didn't want to experience that kind of pain again.

"With my second pregnancy, I wanted to be prepared," ...

Chelsy's Journey

Sep. 5, 2023 1:59 pm

"I'd have to say the stars aligned that day," said Chelsy Jannusch.

Jannusch reached out to discuss the relationship she's developed with Dr. Sara Swift of Women's Care of Wisconsin, but she wanted to make clear her motivation for doing so.

"I know there are a lot of women who struggle to conceive or have children," she said. "Knowing there are doctors out there who are not only willing to ...

Alyssa's Journey

Aug. 22, 2023 1:07 pm

With four children now-all girls-Alyssa Pederson and her husband are contemplating a move into a new house soon. Pederson has a general vision of what that will look like, with one rock solid stipulation.

"We're gonna need two bathrooms," she said.

With the biggest sister (Nora, 6) holding the baby (Lydia), and the next biggest one waiting to pitch in (Kinsley*, 5, who likes to throw the ...

Angie's Journey

July 24, 2023 4:56 pm

In a recent survey, respondents voted hosting a dinner party with family as the number one stress inducer during the holiday season. Yeah, right. Angie Christopherson's tale includes a positive Covid test on Christmas Day and a rescheduling of her inducement date, moved from December 26 to January 3. Oh, and because Santa's gift to her regular OB/GYN was appendicitis, Christopherson would be ...

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