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Myth #5: Midwives Only Work With Women Who Are Pregnant.
Sep. 29, 2017 1:04 pm

Even though midwifery has evolved alongside today’s modern health care system, many myths surrounding this profession are based in common misunderstandings that are centuries old. At Women’s Care, we believe education is a powerful tool, so we’ve teamed up with two of our certified nurse midwives to set the record straight!

Becky Kahler and Kay Weina have nearly 30 years of combined experience as certified nurse midwives and are passionate about the work they do.

Over the next few months, Becky and Kay will help us break down different myths, so stay tuned as we address some of the most common questions surrounding midwifery!

Myth #5: Midwives only work with women who are pregnant.

“We see patients from the early age of 12 all the way up to menopause,” Becky says.

While many people think of midwifery as a practice solely focused on pregnancy and childbirth, midwifery actually encompasses a full range of primary health care services.

“Preventative care is also a part of what we do. We discuss birth control, abstinence, STD education. We do IUD insertions….” Becky continues.

The services midwives offer also include primary care, gynecologic and family planning services, preconception care and postpartum care.

Stay Tuned

Becky and Kay will be joining us for one last blog post, so stay tuned!

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