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Myth #4: If I Choose To Have A Midwife, I Am Putting My Baby At Risk If Something Goes Wrong.
Sep. 1, 2017 1:44 pm

Even though midwifery has evolved alongside today’s modern health care system, many myths surrounding this profession are based in common misunderstandings that are centuries old. At Women’s Care, we believe education is a powerful tool, so we’ve teamed up with two of our certified nurse midwives to set the record straight!

Becky Kahler and Kay Weina have nearly 30 years of combined experience as certified nurse midwives and are passionate about the work they do.

Over the next few months, Becky and Kay will help us break down different myths, so stay tuned as we address some of the most common questions surrounding midwifery!

Myth #4: If I Choose To Have A Midwife, I Am Putting My Baby At Risk If Something Goes Wrong.

If you’re considering working with a midwife, but worried about what would happen to your baby if something goes wrong, you can relax!  Certified nurse midwives partner with other members of the health care team through collaboration and referral to provide the best possible care.

“We have a wonderful group of very supportive physicians that are on call and available to us 24/7, so if you’re in the clinic and something comes up -- like high blood pressure or something out of the ordinary -- we have those physicians to consult with,” Becky reassures.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean your certified nurse midwife will transfer care, it could mean you will have a team of people working with you to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy rather than working with just one healthcare provider.

Certified nurse midwives are also available to assist physicians in the event of a c-section.

“Some of the patients that I see have had previous cesarean births and they want to have another cesarean. If they want to see me for their prenatal care, they can!” Becky says.

“However, there are some circumstances where your risk might be too great and we would transfer care -- like in the case of twin pregnancies,” Becky explains. “I can care for a twin pregnancy, however I prefer not to. I feel like that’s where the physician’s expertise really comes in handy.”

Stay Tuned

In our next blog post Becky and Kay will be answering questions about what midwives do and who their patients are, so be sure to check back soon!

If you’re interested in seeing one of our certified nurse midwives, you can schedule your first appointment by calling 920.729.7105 or by clicking here.

You can also learn more about each of our certified nurse midwives and healthcare providers here.
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